February 17, 2016

How to catch Bass in early spring

How to Catch Bass in Early Spring Shallow Cover  



I love fishing early spring for the chance at a big one. Here I am fishing a pre spawn where the water is in the high 50's and the bass are feeding in shallow water on a windy day. To target these bass I am fishing a chatter bait and lipless crankbait to pull through shallow vegetation and get a reaction strike from the bass. They crush this chatter bait with a smimbait trailer! You can find my favorite trailers (the Live Magic Shad) @ www.lftlures.com

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How To Tips on Drifting for Catfish

How To Tips on Drifting for Catfish

Carolina Outdoor Magazine tv has explored a lot of cat-fishing rigs and techniques over the years, and in this video we will touch base a little on one drift fishing how to technique that we use frequently to catch Catfish.

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Rent A Giant Cruise Ship

Renting Giant Cruise Ships Is the New Wave in Private Yachting

Floating amid mega-yachts in Monte Carlo’s crowded harbor during the May 2015 Monaco Grand Prix was a startling sight: Windstar’s 212-passenger Star Breeze cruise liner. Lodged in one of the prime berths, the passenger ship was placed as a private yacht would be—because for the week, it was one. 
“The ship is within inches of not being able to come into the harbor, but it fits exactly, down by the hairpin turn,” explained Windstar’s Amy Conover via phone from her office in Seattle. The 440-foot long Star Breeze wasn’t crammed with day-trippers midway through a jaunt around the Mediterranean, for which it was designed. The ship was serving  as a private playground, rented by a wealthy client for use as a convenient perch for 200 friends while the ship’s crew catered to their needs. Guests could sleep and party aboard it during the week of Monaco's famed car races, enjoying the comforts of the waitstaff and kitchen crew amid watertight security. The mogul renter even provided the most luxurious of day trips: Each of his lucky friends was offered a vintage automobile from the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, including some retired Grand Prix race cars. Guests drove the race course on Saturday evening during the moments before it was shuttered to make way for Sunday’s grand finale.

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Fishing for snapper in florida

Southwest Florida Fishing Report: Time to snap up snapper

What a difference a week makes. While the conditions are not perfect, Mother Nature has allowed for some outstanding angling adventures out in the Gulf in the offshore arena. Fishable seas, coupled with turbid water, have facilitated what many local skippers are calling the best snapper fishing in many seasons.

Hard-bottom areas, ledges and artificial reefs are top targeting points for Gulf snapper. Savvy in nature as the species becomes hook and leader shy in clear water, the churned-up Gulf truly has them snapping up a variety of offerings. Live shrimp, squid and herring are the snapper baits of choice here in Southwest Florida.

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Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing Yachting Boating

The 11 Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing, Yachting and Boating

We have often said, to really understand an island you must go out in a boat and look back. Boating and Islands just go together — to really see a place and know a place you must get away from it. It gives perspective to size, topography and foliage, and when you go to land, you really explore what makes an island tick. Just ask any pirate.

The best part of any island are the hidden beaches, protected coves, tiny villages and little beach bars often unreachable other than by boat. There are countless special places only boaters know about and only boaters can get to, whether on a yacht, a sailboat or a pleasure boat. These are the best Caribbean islands for boating.

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